How to Load Lamps for Shipping

Lights are some of the most common items in your house that you'll have to move. They can be the most difficult items to load. With the light bulbs, lampshades, and electrical cables, there are quite a few fragile pieces of each light. If you pack according to the approach below, you can pack up your lamps like a pro.

What you'll need
In order to pack up your lamps, you'll require the following packaging materials:

Large box for the lampshade
Properly sized box for the light body
Corrugated paper or paper pads
Stack of loading paper
Roll of tape
Long-term marker

How to pack lamps
The primary step in loading a light is to separate the lampshade from the remainder of the light, as they need to be packed individually. The harp (the metal structure surrounding the bulb) ought to be gotten rid of from the shade. Though the lampshade needs to never be packed with the light itself, you can load several lampshades together. As long as one can fit into another, the lampshades can be stacked on top of each other and put in the same box. If, however, you have lampshades that are made from silk or are very vulnerable, load them individually.

The lampshade box must be prepared with crumpled packing check here paper on the bottom; you do not want any part of the lampshade to touch package. Carefully position the lampshade in the box. Surround all sides of the lampshade with more packaging paper. Put some more packing paper on leading and seal the box once it is comfortably packed in the box. Tape it shut and identify it with the arrows and contents indicating which end is up.

When the lampshade is loaded, you can work on wrapping up the light bulb and harp. This can be quickly and safely done by laying the harp near one end of a sheet of packing paper.

After that, you can turn your attention to the body of the light. This will need to be dealt with thoroughly as well, considering that lots of lamps can be easily broken. To secure it, you'll require to wrap it up with corrugated paper or paper this content pads. Basically the light on its side at the edge of a sheet of the paper, with the electrical cord kept away from the lamp. Start rolling the lamp up with the paper. When it is totally surrounded by the paper, embed the cord and continue wrapping. Once the lamp is concluded, utilize tape to keep it secured.

The lamp can then be placed upright in the box that is somewhat larger than the light itself. Make certain the bottom of package has plenty of cushioning from crumpled packing paper, and put extra paper around the lamp to keep it from moving.

Next, put the package including the light bulb and harp on top. Protect the top of package with more cushioning, prior to see here closing and sealing it shut with tape. Label the box with its contents, location, and the words "delicate" or "this end up."

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